About Us

We are a small company providing gaming services in a judgement free manner.  Many people we have spoken to tell us that they would love to try playing a game but don't know anyone who plays or feel that the people that play would judge them or don't want to teach them.  To that end, we have created our store and site to provide those very things to anyone, from the curious person who always wanted to try to the person that just wants to find a group of people with whom to play.

We are a partnership run by a family; there are 4 of us that have taken on various roles in providing these services to you, the consumer:

Chief Executive Officer: Caitlin Miller
Caitlin Miller is our CEO.  She is engaged to Nick Thibou, our Chief Operations Officer.

Chief Financial/Information Officer: Ken Nihart
Ken is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer.  He runs the website and webstore for the company.  He is one of the staff GMs. He is married to Andrea Nihart.

Chief Operations Officer: Nick Thibou
Nick Thibou is the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the day to day operation of the business.  He is also one of the GMs on staff.  He is engaged to Caitlin Miller, and he is Andrea Nihart's brother.

Chief Public Relations Officer: Andrea Nihart
Andrea Nihart is our Chief Public Relations Officer.  She is responsible for all of our marketing and social media presence.  She is Nick Thibou's sister and married to Ken Nihart.