"Leave behind reality, escape to your fantasy..."

Dragons Den - Survey

Our Market Survey

We ask that you take this survey and help us expand our services and hopefully open a physical store that provides that escape to your fantasy in a place where we are all friends and family, and no one passes judgement on anyone else.

Our survey asks some basic questions to create what's called a market demographic. We aren't looking at excluding anyone; we are simply gathering data. You can remain perfectly anonymous if you so desire. We do ask for your email if you want to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card. We will send this information to that email address, so please make sure it is valid. We will dispose of the email list after the drawing is completed.

We do have an online store available, and there is an option to sign up for a newsletter. If you would like information about us and our products as we go into the future, please sign up for this.

Here is our survey as a Google form: Survey